Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

- Cloud computing: It is seen as a cloud from which people and organizations use to get access to data and applications no matter where their location is. It is also the idea that storage of data as more of service.

- We use cloud computing even in simple situations where we don't notice it. For example, searching in Google; we type in some words and the data is retrieved from Google's PCs someplace on the globe. The PC we use is noting more than a messenger. Other examples include: email and web-based software.

- A few things make cloud computing special. Firstly, the service is managed for you, for example you wouldn't have to update Google Documents yourself, whereas you have to do so when using software on your computer like Microsoft Word. Secondly, you get what you need when it is required, so you pay for as much services as you need, and get in return what you pay for, in some way like electricity. Finally, it can be either public or private. This aspect is the cloud equivalents of the Internet and intranets.It is public like the way Google and Amazon use it, or private where companies provide other organization secure cloud computing.

- The advantages of cloud computing are very obvious, they save money and time. Time in the sense no employee is spending time updating programs and applications. And costs are saved since the organization only pays for the required services in a specific time frame. The problem of things becoming outdated is also avoided. There is also an environmental benefit, because less carbon is produced since people are sharing large computer systems.

- On the other, there are also drawbacks. In the long run a lot of money is spent towards the expensive services made available by cloud computing. Also, an Internet connection is required at all times, this may seem basic in first world countries, but this is not the case in developing areas. There are security risks, an organization has to put its important information in others' systems in an unknown location.

- In the sixties, a scientist, J.C.R. Licklider had a goal of creating a computer network that connected everybody across the globe no matter where they were, this goal is very similar to what we call today cloud computing. In 1999, the website aimed to provide applications on their website, and this is considered one of the greatest achievements of computer science.


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