Please consider making a donation to the Carnegie Mellon chapter of Engineers Without Borders. Though we receive modest funding for group activities and outreach, we are still in need of your help in funding both of our projects, the potable wsupply project for the village of Tingo Pucara, Ecuador and the sustainable energy supply project in the City of Rampur, India.

Currently, the women and children of the Tingo Pucara spend upwards of three hours a day traveling to a water source, collecting water, and carrying it back to the village. Our goal is to sustainably, reliably, and safely pump water up a 1000 foot high hill in order to provide 70 liters a day to each of Tingo Pucara's 150 residents. Though we are handling the design and implementation, we cannot fund the entire project.

In Rampur, most schools provide education to children of the underprivileged section of society, but are under-funded. The government-provided electric power is intermittent and inadepquate to meet the basic demand for lights, fans, or computers. Dark classrooms and hot classrooms are day to day struggles that students and teachers must deal with. We are hoping to make the first trip to Rampur of spring break of this year, but need any help we can get to make that a reality.


Here's how you can donate

  1. Online through EWB-USA. Use your credit card to make a secure donation!

  2. Email our VP of Fundraising Claire Naioti or contact our VP of Grants and Sponsorship, Julia Tucker

  3. Send a check through the mail to:

    Engineers Without Borders
    Box 56
    University Center Suite 103
    Carnegie Mellon University
    5000 Forbes Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  4. You can even donate for a friend!
    Give a donation in any amount in another's name and we will send that person a certificate in your name as a holiday gift or acknowledging a special occasion.

  5. Another option is to donate your frequent flyer miles to Engineers Without Borders. They will be used for our trip to India this coming year.
    * Must be a complete flight