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I am an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University,Qatar. I am majoring in the Information Systems program.

During my high school years, I had taken courses in informatics practices and had been introduced to many computer programming languages such as Java, MySQL, HTML and so on, which aided me in my decision to choose Information systems as my undergraduate course. At the same time, extra-curricular activities such as being the student council representative and attending the Qatar Leadership Conference helped me in so many different ways. The responsibilities helped me to lead a group independently and encouraged me to become a good team-mate, and the conferences and talks by presenters from all around the world gave me a global perspective on various issues and topics.

As of now, my career goals include attaining a job wherein I will be able to utilize my technological skills intertwined with a strategic business approach. I would like to work so as to meet people’s technological needs and so as to apply the same for the greater good of the community.

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  • Graduated high school from Birla Public School - 2019
  • Currently an undergraduate degree in Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar- Class of 2023

My Hobbies

Reading I enjoy reading, especially motivating fictional stories that broaden my imagination
Listening to music I enjoy listening to meaningful music to relax

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