Eva Schlinger

I am an undergraduate Computer Science major at Carnegie Mellon University, with a minor in Language Technologies. In my free time, I do reasearch in machine translation and multilingual learning (advised by Chris Dyer) and juggle.
{first name}@cmu.edu


Translating into Morphologically Rich Languages with Synthetic Phrases. Victor Chahuneau, Eva Schlinger, Chris Dyer and Noah A. Smith. In Proceedings of EMNLP 2013.
morphogen: Translation into Morphologically Rich Languages with Synthetic Phrases. Eva Schlinger, Victor Chahuneau, Chris Dyer. Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics, (100).


morphogen : A tool for improving translation into morphologically rich languages (with Victor Chahuneau)
I have also contributed to the cdec decoder


I am an active member of the Carnegie Mellon juggling club. We generally meet twice a week (see the news section of the website for more details). We always have extra props and are happy to teach people with less experience and learn from those with more. Come out and join us!