About the Blog

Hitting the Fan is a blog written by a PhD student in the behavioral sciences. It is currently written for other researchers, but eventually intended for both research and lay audiences.

At its core, this blog is writing practice, but it is also a way for me to:

  • Share information and code for implementing research with other people (fellow graduate students)
  • Store informal literature reviews and annotated bibliographies for my future self, which might also help other researchers
  • Write articles about topics relevant to judgment and decision making in emergency situations (eventually literature reviews aimed at lay audiences)

The name of this blog is taken from the phrase “when the stuff* hits the fan.” It reflects my intention to do–and eventually write about here–research on human decision making and behavior during emergencies/disasters. It is also, indirectly, an acknowledgement that “no plan survives first contact with [graduate school].”

I welcome thoughts about the material (whether through comments on the article or emails sent to me), however can make no guarantees about the speediness of my reply. Coursework and doing research take precedent, otherwise I would have little to write about. And probably overstay my program’s funding.

* Insert your favorite low-coherence object here.