Robotics is an area of Computer Science that focuses on programming machines to carry out tasks. Essentially, building robotic machines that are generally autonomous. These robots are made to interact with the world using sensors. The idea of robots “thinking” for themselves or making decisions is where artificial intelligence comes in. Artificial intelligence is another area of computer science that deals with writing programs that complete tasks that would normally require human intelligence. Things like problem solving, understanding languages, reasoning, and even learning are now being applied to machines and programs to make artificial intelligence.

            It is interesting to note that the majority of AI algorithms are not used to control robots. Many times it is used for other areas like Google searches and Amazon recommendations. However there is an area of study particularly for artificially intelligent robots. This is the bridge between the two fields. Non AI robots simply follow a predetermined program and carry out a carefully defined problem, they are much more limited in what they can do. When AI is applied to robots, the possibilities expand and the robots can have many more uses and capabilities.

            The difficulties with AI especially when applied to robotics becomes determining whether or not robots can even be truly intelligent. Computers run on exact science and calculations but the real world is not exact and usually results in uncertainty. It is difficult when trying to figure out how to get a machine to act like a human. While a lot of progress has been made in both of these fields, there is still a lot of room for improvement but also a lot of potential for great things to be accomplished.


My questions:

How do you define intelligence?

How do you decide when a machine has reached “Artificial Intelligence?”

Would a computer ever truly be able to reason as a human does?




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