Programming languages at their essence are used to write computer programs which is basically a list of instructions for a computer system to follow. There are over 2000 computer languages but a significant portion of these are not well known or used regularly. The lowest level of computer languages is machine languages which are the actual commands for the machine encoded in 0s and 1s which is much more difficult for humans to understand and manipulate. The next step up is assembly language which uses short instruction code and names for blocks of data. However, assembly language does not actually improve the organization or sophistication of the code and it still requires a lot of knowledge about how the intricate nature of internal computer architecture.

            As for higher level programming languages, there are many different types of computer programming languages. Some types worth mentioning are algorithmic languages which were the first high level programming languages. These languages use algebraic operations and subprograms that expressed mathematical computations. Examples of algorithmic programming languages are Fortran and Algol. Object oriented programming languages are very common. They help to manage complex programs by hiding the internal data structures of specific packages of data that are publically available for use. This compartmentalization and isolation helps programmers focus on one part of a program at a time.  Examples of object oriented programming languages are Java and C++.

            Declarative languages are interesting because ideally they focus on what actually needs to be done instead of how to do it. This is also called nonprocedural or very high level. There is not much difference between the specification and implementation of programs when using declarative languages. Finally, World Wide Web display languages, mainly HTML, are used to design websites and pages used on the internet. HTML stands for hyper text markup language and it uses tags to mark up a document to be displayed on a web browser. These are only a few of the many kinds of programming languages out there.


My questions:

Why are there so many programming languages if not many of them are commonly used?

What is the point in having different levels of programming languages?

What type of programming language is the most popular and widely used?




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