Cloud Computing is an area of computer science that deals with the storage and use of information all over the Internet instead of just on a computer’s hard drive. A more technical definition describes cloud computing as a central management center for data. One important detail to know about cloud computing is that instead of hosting data and information locally like on a hard drive, cloud computing stores data in the cloud where it is hosted by a third, outside party. This data is easily accessible to users, meaning that users can access whatever software and/or applications in the cloud whenever they need it without needing to concern themselves with storage space on their local machines. This process is similar to outsourcing.

            There are three main types of cloud computing. Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS is when the main elements of infrastructure like software, servers, etc. are hosted by a third party who also provides routine maintenance, backups, etc. Software as a Service or SaaS is when internet browsers, applications, and other types of software are available for use through the cloud. Platform as a Service or PaaS is when users can manage and run their own applications, while the code, infrastructure, data, etc. is all stored on the cloud and accessible through the cloud so the user does not have to worry about storage space.

            Cloud computing allows users to access an endless supply of data and information to help them complete almost any kind of task. Some other benefits are the cloud’s reliability, adaptability, and scalability. It is easy to customize applications or programs to suit a user’s needs. In addition, the cloud allows users to not have to worry about storage on their local devices, a lot more data can be stored in the cloud. Cloud computing has many advantages which is why it is becoming popular today.



Is it more secure to store data in the cloud or on a local hard drive or disk?

If you store data in the cloud, is it possible to keep your data completely private?

What is the main feature that makes cloud computing so popular today?





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