Eric Grotzinger
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Freshman Advisor
Mellon College of Science

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  Office: 1324 DH
  Phone: (412) 268-6679
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  Mellon College of Science
Office of Undergraduate Affairs
1324 Doherty Hall
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

03-231 Biochemistry I

My primary responsibility to MCS is advising the incoming class of first-year students and assisting in the advising and mentoring of upperclass students. First-year science students, because they have no official departmental affiliation, are advised through the MCS Office of Undergraduate Affairs (that's Eric Grotzinger aided by Katya Malkin) which operates as part of the MCS Dean's Office. The Office of Undergraduate Affairs is located in Doherty Hall 1324 and should be considered "home base" for first-year science students as they make decisions about curricula and majors or seek information about courses, academic requirements, and scheduling of classes.

Before spring break, first-year students in MCS choose a major and are assigned a departmental advisor. These assignments are communicated to them via email or campus mail. First-year students who are undecided about their major continued to be advised by Eric Grotzinger until they choose a major in the sophomore year.

The MCS Office of Undergraduate Affairs provides assistance to those upperclass science students whose advising needs can't be met solely in their departments, as well as to students from colleges other than MCS who have interests in MCS courses or programs. It also monitors the academic progress of all undergraduate science students.