Egon Balas


University Professor of Industrial Administration and Applied Mathematics

The Thomas Lord Professor of Operations Research


Graduate School of Industrial Administration

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890


Office phone:      412-268-2285

FAX:                    412-268-7357





Dipl. Licentiae, Bolyai University, 1949
Dr.Sc.Ec., University of Brussels, 1967
Dr. U. (Math.), University of Paris, 1968


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Teaching and Research Interests:

Mathematical programming, in particular integer programming, discrete and combinatorial optimization, graphs, networks, scheduling theory. Fast solution techniques for vertex packing and maximum clique problems, traveling salesman and related problems, set covering and partitioning, knapsack problems, general 0-1 programming problems; machine sequencing, scheduling of industrial processes, of delivery systems, of communication satellites, of crew assignments; facility location, portfolio optimization, capital budgeting.

Major Publications:


"A Precise Correspondence Between Lift-and-Project Cuts, Simple Disjunctive Cuts, and Mixed Integer Gomory Cuts for 0-1 Programming," with M. Perregaard. Mathematical Programming B, 94 (2003) 221-245.

"Projection and Lifting in Combinatorial Optimization," in M. Juenger and D. Naddef (editors), Computational Combinatorial Optimization: Optimal or Provably Near-Optimal Solutions, LNCS2241, Springer (2001) 26-56.

Will to Freedom: A Perilous Journey Through Fascism and Communism, Syracuse University Press (2000) 469 pp.

"Disjunctive Programming: Properties of the Convex Hull of Feasible Points," Invited Paper, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 89 (1998) 1-44.

"Mixed 0-1 Programming by Lift-and-Project in a Branch-and-Cut Framework," with S. Ceria and G. Cornuéjols, Management Science, 42 (1996) 1229-1246.

"A Lift-and-Project Cutting Plane Algorithm for Mixed 0-1 Programs," with S. Ceria and G. Cornuéjols, Mathematical Programming, 58 (1993) 295-324.

"The Prize Collecting Traveling Salesman Problem: I," Networks, 19 (1989) 621-636 and “…II: Polyhedral Results,” Networks, 25 (1995) 199-216.

"The Shifting Bottleneck Procedure for Job Shop Scheduling," with J. Adams and D. Zawack, Management Science, 34 (1988) 391-401.

"Disjunctive Programming," Annals of Discrete Mathematics, 5 (1979) 3-51.

"An Additive Algorithm for Linear Programming in Zero-One Variables," Operations Research, 1965 13:4 (1965) 517-546. (Selected in 1982 as a Citation Classic—most frequently cited article in Operations Research from the journal's first issue, in 1954, to 1981.)


  • Fellow of INFORMS, 2002
  • Honorary doctorate, Miguel Fernandez University, Spain, 2002
  • EURO Gold Medal, 2001
  • John von Neumann Theory Prize, INFORMS, 1995
  • Citation Classic (Current Contents, 1982)
  • Senior U.S. Scientist Award of the von Humboldt Foundation, 1980-1981

Editorial Boards:

  • Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 1996-
  • Computational Optimization and Applications, 1991-
  • Annals of Operations Research, 1983-
  • Discrete Applied Mathematics, 1976-
  • European Journal of Operational Research, 1976-
  • Zeitschrift für Operations Research, 1980-
  • Revue d'Automatique, Informatique et Recherche Opérationnelle, 1976-


  • CombineNet, Inc., 2002-
  • Algorithmica, Inc., 1993-1999
  • Sumitomo Steel, 1988-1991
  • LTV Steel, 1985-1988
  • American Airlines, 1984-1986

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