Dan on the Rocks

Dan Rossi
Last modified: Wed May 3 13:32:51 EDT 2006

I am not an avid climber by any means, but I do enjoy climbing very much. I find the challenge and exertion to be a great way to spend a day or weekend. Climbing can be a brute strength, haul your butt up a wall, kind of activity, but it is better served with patients, balance, finness, and careful thought and consideration. Sadly, I lack most of these traits and also lack the brute strength to compensate for that fact. Climbs are a puzzle to work through, not merely a ladder to climb.

I do most of my climbing with my friends from The Explorers Club of Pittsburgh. This is a great bunch of people who do every kind of outdoor activity imaginable.

Following are a few interesting and/or useful climbing links.

Tim's Climbing Page Southwestern Pennsylvania

Tim has already done all the work to compile information about the best climbing areas in the South Western Pennsylvania area, so I won't try and duplicate his work.

Here is a trip report I did for a caving trip to Bear Cave. OK, it isn't exactly climbing, but I'm not enough of a caver to have a caving page.

Bear Cave trip report