Hi,I'm Dong Chen

I'm currently a master student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. My interest includes cloud computing, distributed systems and networking. I received Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering at Nanjing University, China in 2014. I'm striving for leveraging technology to make it a better place for common individuals.


Software Engineering Intern at Google Mountain View Office | Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

Worked on Technical Infrastructure team.

Skill Set

Prior experience: SQL, HTML & CSS, Shell Script, C#, Matlab, Assembly


Real-time Tweet Location Analytics and Visualization

  • > Built a analytics and visualization system for geo-location information of real-time tweet streams
  • > Analyzed tweet streams using Apache Storm by integrating with Twitter4J (a Java library for Twitter API)
  • > Implemented 3D interactive geographic data visualization based on WebGL Globe

Survivable Social Network on a Chip

  • > Developed a social network web app being deployed on Beaglebone Black (a system-on-chip board) using Express.js (a Node.js web app framework)
  • > Implemented more than 5 functionalities for real-time communication among end users using socket.io
  • > Conducted unit test for each function under Mocha framework and Continuous Integration on Semaphore

Twitter Analytics Web Service

  • > Deployed a cloud-based RESTful Web Service on AWS that provides response to 6 types of complex queries on tweet dataset
  • > Applied ETL (extract, transform and load) process using AWS Elastic MapReduce in Python to 1TB JSON twitter dataset for data warehousing
  • > Developed scalable backend systems with both MySQL and HBase databases to handle huge amount of RPS (Request Per Second)

Workflow Scheduling as a Service

  • > Implemented a Web Service tool of AWS EC2 instance recommendation system for scientific workflow execution using Play Framework in Java
  • > Proposed recommendation algorithm based on Markov Decision Process for virtual machine selection as a proof of concept
  • > Collaborated to provide and maintain 15 restful APIs in 3 categories with clear documentation

Hi-Speed Data transmission System

  • > Built USB controller firmware under Cypress FX3 Firmware Framework based on USB 3.0 Protocol in C++ under Linux
  • > Increased average data transmission speed from 1.50 Gbps to 2.14 Gbps by introducing DMA callbacks in event handling
  • > Designed host desktop app for data management and analysis in C# with Microsoft Access Database Engine