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About me

I am a graduate student at Robotic Institute, Carnegie Mellon University under the supervision of Prof. Srinivasa Narasimhan. My areas of interest are Machine learning, computer vision and robotics. Earlier, I completed my masters in computer science from IIIT-Hyderabad under the supervision of Dr.K Madhava Krishna and my bachelors from BITS-PILANI with my thesis under Prof. Suman Kapur

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Updates and experience

Research Assistant at CMU

I am currently working as a graduate research assiatnt under the gidance of Prof. Srinivasa Narasimhan


I interned at Max planck institute for intelligent systems under the guidance of Dr andreas gieger


Our work on joint semantic and motion segmentation has been accepted to VISAPP 2017

RRC LAb IIIT hyderabad

I have spend 3 wonderful years at the RRC lab as a research assistant under the guidance of madhava krishna

IROS 2016

Our work on integrationg dynamic motion for robust reconstruction of moving objects has been accepted at IROS 2016

ICRA 2016

Our work on integrating shape models and SLAM has been accepted at ICRA 2016

Let's work together!

I am available for project discussions or new innovative ideas to research.


Selected publications

Joint Semantic and Motion Segmentation for Dynamic Scenes using Deep Convolutional Networks, In VISAPP 2017
Monocular Reconstruction of Vehicles: Combining SLAM with Shape Priors, In ICRA 2016
Incremental Real-Time Multibody VSLAM with Trajectory Optimization Using Stereo Camera, In IROS 2016
Dynamic Body VSLAM with Semantic Constraints, In IROS 2015
Semantic Motion segmentation using Dense CRF, in ICVGIP 2014 (oral)
Top Down Approach to Detect Multiple Planes from Pair of Images, In ICVGIP 2014 (oral)

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Address: Robotic institute
Carnegie mellon university
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania