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My Subject Interests

My subject interests range from Information Systems and coding to taking psychology classes. I plan to take a major in Information Systems while minoring in psychology. I do have other interests in subjects taught by other students as well as some courses taught by professors from the main campus.

My Professional Activities

There is not much to say about my professional activities as I am just a freshmen in university but I have done some work in computers before that are nonspecific and have worked some jobs such as desk work in places such as the student center.

My Travels

I was born in Korea yet lived in the US most of my life. While I was living in San Diego, California I have been to a number of places. These places include Big Bear where I went snowboarding in fresh snow and Las Vegas where I went sightseeing and hanging out in teen friendly zones.I have also recently gone back to Korea and visited most of the famous monuments and popular places to go. I have also been to Turkey last winter break and it shocking to see how cold it can get since I have lived in such warm areas my whole life. Below you can see I have gathered a few pictures of the places I have been to and you can check them out.

Future Internships

I have not done any but some future internships I would like to do include many technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, or Apple. I am also interested in interning for any place that allows me to learn the skills necessary for my future career.

I have not written any articles or stories before so I do not really have much to talk about in that department.


I am part of a lot of clubs but mostly participate in the sports clubs. The clubs I am most active in include the Volleyball Club an Basketball Club. I am very thoroughly invested in Basketball Club as we are currently in the middle of a tournament and will soon have to play in the playoffs. Another club that I am in is the thought club where we sit and discuss with other people about various important topics and issues in the world.

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Hobbies Goals Age Began
Basketball Dunking 12
Coding Code a Game 17

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