Assignment -1 ~ Randy Pausch's lecture on time management

Who was Randy Pausch?
Randolph Frederick Pausch - better known as Randy Pausch was an American professor of computer science, human–computer interaction, and design at Carnegie Mellon University. (Source : Wikipedia)

What was he known for?
Apart from being the creator of the Alice software project and the co-founder of the CMU Entertainment Technology Center, he was known for his last lecture. He also further wrote a book - namely, "The Last Lecture".

What I liked about his talk on time management :
1. The idea of office logistics - whether it be having folding chairs or cutting two inches off the first leg, the idea is superb!
2. Ettiquete of saying NO as politely as possibly - something that will come very handy to you, especially if you're a busy person.
3. Organizing your time into different types of time periods - for example, creative time or dead time.
4. The concept of work-life balance concept - ditch the stereotype of not being able to balance your personal life when busy!
5. Eat the biggest frog first! The uglier the task, the quicker you must be done with it.

Want to know more about the work-life balance, how to organize your to-do lists, or just laugh a little bit? Watch Randy's lecture on time management right here

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