Dingwen Zhang's Home Page

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PHD candidate
School of Automation
Northwestern Polytechnical University

Visiting PHD student
School of Computer Science
Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

Address: 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Email: zhangdingwen2006yyy“at”gmail“dot”com

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Short Biography

I am a third year Ph.D student at School of Automation, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU). My supervisor is Prof. Junwei Han. Since Oct. 2015, I have been working with Dong Huang and Fernando de la Torre as a visiting PHD student at the Human Sensing Laboratory in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), which is directed by Prof. Fernando de la Torre.

Research Interest

I am mainly interested in developing effective computer vision algorithms that are inspired by the human vison and human learning procedure. Currently, I am working on developing weakly supervised learning systems for computer vision tasks like object detection, segmentation, 3D shape reconstruction. I also work on computational visual attention modeling and its application in computer vision tasks like remote sensing imagery analysis and video content analysis.

Recent News

2 papers are accepted by CVPR 2017.
2 papers are accepted by IJCAI 2017.
2 papers are accepted by T-IP.
1 paper is accepted by T-PAMI.
1 paper is accpeted by IJCV.

Conference Papers

Journal Papers

Awards and Scholarships

2016: The Innovative and Entrepreneurship Scholarship of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
2016: “Bao Gang” Excellent Student Award
2016: The “postgraduate pacesetter” of Northwestern Polytechnical University
2016: The postgraduate “Academic Star” of Northwestern Polytechnical University
2016: National Scholarship (rank 1st out of 35 students)
2016: MSRA Fellowship Nomination Award
2016: Doctoral Consortium travel award of IJCAI
2015: National Scholarship (rank 1st out of 35 students)
2015: the Excellent Doctorate Foundation of Northwestern Polytechnical University
2014: the Doctorate Foundation of Northwestern Polytechnical University
2014: National Scholarship (rank 2nd out of 35 students)
2014: Outstanding prize for Graduate Students Entrepreneurial Seed Funding in Northwestern Polytechnical University
2013: National Scholarship (rank 3rd out of 263 students)
2012: Undergraduate thesis award in Shaanxi province (major of Automation)
2012: Excellent graduate student in the university (30 winners out of 317 students)
2011: Excellent Student in the university (top 10%)

Journal Reviewers:

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (T-NNLS); IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (T-CSVT); IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (T-IP); IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (T-CYB); IEEE Signal Processing Letters (SPL); Neurocomputing (ELSEVIER); Machine Vision and Applications (Springer); Signal Processing: Image Communication (ELSEVIER); Automation in Construction (ELSEVIER); Journal of Electronic Imaging (SPIE)