I am currently interested in statistics and machine learning for social networks, economic networks, and other societal systems.

Recent Publications

  1. P. Bickel, D. Choi, X. Chang, and H. Zhang. “ Asymptotic normality of maximum likelihood and its variational approximation for stochastic blockmodels.” Submitted. [arxiv]

  2. D.S. Choi, P.J. Wolfe, and E.M. Airoldi. “Stochastic blockmodels with growing number of classes.” Biometrika, 99(2), 273-284, 2012. [arxiv]

  3. E.M. Airoldi, D.S. Choi, and P.J. Wolfe. “Confidence sets for network structure.” Statistical analysis and data mining, 4(5), 461-469, 2011. [arxiv]
    • Conference version in Neural Information Processing Systems 24, 2011. [pdf]