Who is Northwest Smith?

Northwest Smith is an entirely fictional character, whose stories and observations are the figments of his creator's imagination. Smith exists to entertain and amuse (and occassionally annoy); if he offends, I quote that great British humorist John Clease:

There are some people who should be offended.

From the Desk of N.W. Smith
What It Looks Like To Me

07/02/05: The Williams Sisters have won

5 of the last 6 Wimbledon Championships.
And 12 of the last 24 Grand Slam women's singles titles.

Little Venus. Positively bad-ass.


At least one Williams' Sisters has been in the finals
of the last 6 Wimbledon Championships.

Little Venus. Happy again.

DAMN! Left-overs again!

Sure it's slow, handles poorly, and gets lousy gas milage.
But who's going to fight you for a parking spot?

Where the hell's my Mai Tai?

A rare Lithuanian kit-fox cub
was officially declared
"The Cutest Widdle Thing on the Planet"
by Nature magazine.

Within hours of Parliament banning fox-hunting with hounds within the United Kingdom,
a pack of champion pedigree harriers check the bulletin board outside their local employment office.

Marine armored battalions know they're cool.

When potatoes go very, very bad.

On her first day at her new job,
recently confirmed Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice spontaneously breaks
into song in the lobby of the State
Department, serenading the crowd of
diplomats and office personnel with a snappy
rendition of "I've Got the World On A String."

Little Serena. Happy again.

Despite a solid effort, Tiger Woods failed to qualify today for the
57th annual Jack Benny Look-Alike Contest in El Segundo, California.