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Smith's antics, adventures, and observations often inspire me to create buttons and t-shirts through CafePress.com for my own use and amusement; but I figure others might enjoy owning and displaying them. So the links below take you to those pages at Cafe Press where you can order them: just click on the image.

Inspite of everything politicians of all major parties have done to discourage me, I still vote in every election. But I felt a need to give voice to my anquish . . .
My first t-shirt! I'm so proud!
It's my FAVORITE radio station! And it will be on the air until at least 2009 according to station manage Dick Cheney!
It was relevent in 2000.
It's still revelent today:
Nepotism is NOT a victimless crime!
An education "program" without any funding??! Now if that ain't Bush-sh*t, I don't know what is!