Hi, I am Darsh. I am a second year masters student pursuing MS in Information Networking at Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.

I did my undergrad at DA-IICT in Information and Communication Technology and worked as an Associate Engineer at Qualcomm for an year before joining CMU.

During Summer of 2014, I did my internship in the EFI (Firmware) team at Apple Inc in Cupertino. I was responsible for making infrastructure libraries to support diagnostics on production line.

My focus of study is system software and distributed systems. I also like algorithms. My coursework include Cloud Computing where I worked with MapReduce/Hadoop/Hbase, Engineering Distributed Systems in which I implemented deduplication and prefetching in Coda File System and CMU's most famous course aka 15-213 in which I implemented my own malloc library.
I have also taken courses on Android Dev and Computer Networks. My current courses include Search Engines and Real Time Embedded Systems.

Currently, I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant for 14-740 Fundamentals of Computer Networks course at CMU.

I am looking for full time opportunities and will be graduating in May 2015.

Below are the additional links:

My old Portfolio (I was a hardware hacker in previous incarnation): Portfolio

My Resume: Resume

My not so updated blog: Blog

My LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn

My website: Website

Email: darshs@andrew.cmu.edu