Randy Pausch was a Computer Science and human-computer interaction professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
He was very famous for giving motivational and thought-provoking lectures at universities, especially his final talk : The Last Lecture.
In one of his famous talks, Time Management, he talks about several different ways in which a person can conserve and use time effeciently.

There were 5 points I liked the most in his talk :-
       1. Time being the only commodity that matters in the end and how money and time should be treated equally.
       2. The overall goal of life is to have fun.
       3. Being succesful does not make one manage his/her time well. Instead, managing one's time makes one succesful.
       4. Experience comes from time and there are no shortcuts to achieving experience.
       5. The several practical ways by which one can effectively utilize his/her time, such as using more than one monitors, calendars, keeping phone calls short, etc.

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