Computer security refers to all the actions taken to protect systems, data, databases, collections of databases and networks from attacks to its security such as theft, damage and misdirection of the flow of data. Computer security is also known as IT security or cyber security. This field is of rapidly growing importance and relevance because as the world of Internet continues to expand exponientially, the risk of intentional and accidental theft or manipulation of data also increases.

Majority of intended threats to computer security is in the form of computer viruses. A computer virus is a program that automatically replicates itself or different versions of itself to several parts of the host computer and thus forces the user to wipe out entire disk in order to save the disk, but at the expense of all data on the disk. A computer worm is just like a computer virus and does the same exact things but it doesnt need to attach itself to a program on the computer in order to replicate. A trojan is another form of virus and in the front-end its effects may not appear so harmful. But it is even deadlier than normal viruses or worms as at the backend, these malicious programs connect to the hacker's computer and are able to access the information on the host computer and transfer this personal information like credit card numbers, etc to the hacker. These programs are downloaded ususally via e-mails. Another form of attack is DOS (Denial of Service) attacks that prevent users to gain access to information and data that they are 100% authorized to.

There are several programs that protect a computer from attacks to its security. Some of them are : Antiviruses and firewall. Antiviruses continually scan and protect the system from potential viruses and alert the users if they do find a potential virus. Famous companies like Norton and McAffee produce Antivirus programs that protect the system from viruses that may be downloaded online or transferred from other systems. Network Security is very vast and expanding field of Cyber Security. To secure data transfer over networks, firewall programs have been designed. A firewall is a program that is specifically designed to monitor data transfer over a network and, from the authorization of the user, allow only authorized data to pass and enter through.

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