UPDATE! - Post Wedding Picnic (Poprawiny)

One Polish wedding tradition is to continue the celebration the day after the wedding and help the parents-of-the-bride deal with the many leftovers -- both food and beverage. We will be holding a picnic the following day, Sunday May 4, 2014, to continue the celebration and spend more time with everyone.

So, if you can stay through Sunday, we'd really love for you to be able to stick around and party with us again. It'll give us a better chance to sit and chat with everyone, including kids, and get caught up. Think of it as a bit of a more conventional family reunion setting.

We're working to nail down our location for the shindig, so we'll update that info as soon as we figure it out. Hopefully, we'll be able to host it at our own brandy-new (to us) home. Cross your fingers for us in our forays into the real estate market.

We look forward to seeing and celebrating with all of yinz!

UPDATE - 4/24/14

Well, the real estate market was good to us! However, we should have been a bit more specific about timing! In mid-March, we received an offer on Carol's house with a closing date of April 15th. So, we had 2 weeks to pack up 10 years' worth of a house-full of stuff. Then a week before we closed on Carol's house, we found OUR future home! We'll close on it at the end of May right after we come back from the honeymoon. So, we've been busy lining up inspections and surveys. Never a dull moment!

Since the timing was a little off, we won't be able to have the picnic at our NEW place. You'll just have to come visit us later. The picnic will be held at Carol's sister's house--ironically, next door to Carol's old house!

Theresa and John Biedrzycki
55 Wallace Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15209

Hope you can stop by and visit a little longer!