Picture of Self

A picture of me in Roaring River State Park, a fishing state park in Missouri. This was one of the photos of the surrounding landmarks on a hiking trail if one got bored of just fishing all day.

One of the things I did over the summer was traveling. During the summer, COVID-19 was starting to get controlled as gradually more and more people got the vaccine. My parents didn't want to stay home in Texas because there wasn't anything fun to do in Texas, so we decided to go out and travel. However, due to the risk of traveling to a city, we chose to go to a state park, which we thought would decrease the chance of catching the virus.

In the end, we chose to go to a state park in Missouri for fishing. My family decided to go with a few other family friends from church because we had no experience fishing. In total, we went fishing for three days. Initially, I did some research on how to catch fish, but I never knew exactly what to search for. After waking up earlier than the other families, I still didn't catch any fish. It was until I realized that fishing requires specialized equipment such as specialized lures and specialized fishing wires for different fish that I started to catch fish.

We decided to also view some of the other interesting landmarks on our trip to Missouri. We went to Arkansas parks and climbed some hills and cliffs to observe rivers and the view from high up. We also went to an old Native American church. It was there, we watched an outdoor play about the Bible and saw the huge white statues of Jesus that the Native Americans made. Overall, it was an enjoyable trip I went on over the summer.

Pictures from Travel in Arkansas

River in Cliff View from Mountain Native American Christ Statue