Caitlin Carnahan

PhD Student
Department of Physics
Carnegie Mellon University
Email: ccarnaha at andrew dot cmu dot edu
Office: Doherty MA 328

About Me
I received a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Physics from Florida State University in 2012. Under the supervision of Dr. Nicholas Bonesteel, my undergraduate Honors Thesis, "A Quantum Compiler for Topological Quantum Computation", resulted in a prototype software for visualizing quantum "circuits" for qubits encoded using Fibonacci anyons. Our recent publication related to this work detailed a systematic procedure for constructing entangling two-qubit gates.
In 2014, I received my MS in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Sudhir Aggarwal. As a graduate student, I participated in the Non-Conventional Search and Identification project, developing a distributed system for coalescing and verifying information from unreliable data sources.
From January 2015 to August 2017, I was a member of the faculty of the Computer Science department at Florida State University. I primarily taught Programming Languages, Computer Organization II, and Python Programming.
Currently, I am a PhD student in the Physics department at Carnegie Mellon University working with Prof. Di Xiao.


My teaching experience includes a number of upper-level Computer Science courses at Florida State University. I have taught Introduction to Programming in C++, Python Programming, Programming Languages (introducing the design and implementation of programming languages), and Computer Organization II. The materials for the most recent offerings of some of my courses are included below.