M. Bumin Yenmez


Assistant Professor of Economics
Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper Business School

Research Interests
Matching Theory, Auction Theory, Market Design, Mechanism Design, Game Theory, Choice Theory


Curriculum Vitae


    Working Papers

·         Closure and Preferenceswith Christopher Chambers and Alan Miller GSIA Working Paper #2015-E36

·         College Admissions” GSIA Working Paper #2014-E24

·         Matching with Externalities” with Marek Pycia

·         "Integrating Schools for Centralized Admissions" with Mehmet Ekmekci GSIA Working Paper #2014-E20

·         "Choice and Matching" with Christopher Chambers

              Published and Forthcoming Papers

·         "Manipulability of Stable Mechanisms" with Peter Chen, Michael Egesdal and Marek Pycia - American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 8(2): 202-214, May 2016

·         "Median Stable Matchings in Two-Sided Markets" with Peter Chen, Michael Egesdal and Marek Pycia - Games and Economic Behavior, 97: 64-69, May 2016

·         "How to Control Controlled School Choice" with Federico Echenique - American Economic Review, 105(8): 2679-94, August 2015 (WP Version)

·         "Incentive Compatible Market Design with Applications" – (Previously part of "Incentive Compatible Market Design with an Application to Matching with Wages") - International Journal of Game Theory, 44(3): 543-569, August 2015 (WP Version)

·         "School Choice with Controlled Choice Constraints: Hard Bounds vs. Soft Bounds" with Lars Ehlers, Isa E. Hafalir and Muhammed A. YildirimJournal of Economic Theory, 153: 648-683, September 2014 (WP Version)

·         "Pricing in Position Auctions and Online Advertising" - Economic Theory, 55(1): 243-256, January 2014 (WP Version)

·         "Incentive Compatible Matching Mechanisms: Consistency with Various Stability Notions" – American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 5(4): 120-141, November 2013 (Previously part of "Incentive Compatible Market Design with an Application to Matching with Wages") (WP Version)

·         "Effective Affirmative Action in School Choice" with Isa E. Hafalir and Muhammed A. YildirimTheoretical Economics, 8(2): 325-363, May 2013 (WP Version)

·         "The Revealed Preference Theory of Stable and Extremal Stable Matchings" with Federico Echenique, SangMok Lee, and Matthew ShumEconometrica, 81(1): 153-171, January 2013 (Web Appendix) (WP Version)

·         "Dissolving Multi-Partnerships Efficiently" – Journal of Mathematical Economics, 48(2): 77-82, March 2012 (WP Version)

·         "Median Stable Matching for Markets with Wages" with Michael Schwarz Journal of Economic Theory, 146(2): 619-637, March 2011 (Web Appendix) (WP Version)

·         "A Solution to Matching with Preferences over Colleagues" with Federico Echenique - Games and Economic Behavior, 59(1): 46-71, April 2007 (WP Version)