Computer Security

With the increase of the use of internet in recent years, the use of applications, the increase of computers in previously computer-less devices, even social media sites, it seems that nothing is safe anymore. Among everything stated, the more complex those things get, the more variables/systems/computers are used in their production, the more leeway it gives hacker at actually hacking them, thus compromising computer safety in a lot of cases. For example, with the increase in the number of applications in Apple products, so have they types which require/transmit personal data. All this personal data ranges from ID, phone number, location, photos, and possibly everything else that may be kept in those devices. These application do not ask permission for these details and simply keep them and record them, however those application still continue to store that data even after the application have been deleted, but what makes the matter worse is that these applications share this information with a third party, who might use this information for who know what. Another example of computer security are the new cars that have been developed, these cars have computers that control everything form ignition, to tire pressure, to seatbelts, in other words, as long as one manages to hack into/gain access to these computers, they would be able to fully control the car. Some professionals have taken it upon themselves to try and encounter/take to light the problems that are involved with these computers and spent nine months and a considerable sum of funds trying to hack into the cars and eventually succeeding. After their experiment they tried to persuade some of the car companies to revise their codes and somehow increase the security in the car computers, ensuring customer safety. These hackings are quite rare and take a considerable amount of time, and while regular theft may be more frequent, if hacking theft has been possible at all, it does not deny the fact that whoever manages to hack into the car will have access to everything in the car. And finally, Facebook has indirectly admitted at sharing their customersí personal information, and while they said that they do not share this information with just anyone, they have publicized some of their membersí at the request of some governments. As the years go by and as the number of computer programs, the windows of opportunity for hacking, increase, the less safe using these sources becomes, and calls for more protection, which is not so easy to deliver as it seems.

Several Questions

How do the companies find holes withing their programs?

What are the oprimal ways of keeping your computer secure?

How much effort are companies willing to take in protecting the security?