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Computer Networks


A computer network is when many computers are connected together. In a computer network, computers can exchange data which includes, text, pictures, video, audio, and so on. Peripherals like a printer or a scanner can be shared and used within the computer network. Moreover, software can be shared legally if the copy rights were purchased. This means that the software can be installed in all the computers of the computer network without having to pay for each. This costs less.

In order for a computer network to exist, network cables must be installed. These connect the computers together. If many computers are to be connected a distributer will be needed to manage the network traffic. A router and a network card will be needed to connect computers in the network.

Examples of networks are: Local Area Networks (LAN), Home Area Networks (HAN), Personal Area Networks (PAN), and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Local Area Networks or (LAN) is a computer network that connects computers located in one area or region. The network can join up to a few hundred computers together.  Local Area Network is usually set up for offices. Wide Area Networks can connect many Local Area Networks together. A Personal Area Network connects the computers that are close by only, 10 M for instance.

Because of computer networks we can have users work on a one document together. Users can also communicate through email and instant messaging. More over users can stream video and audio. Internet connection can be shared through a network. Access rights can be controlled within a network. This is through assigning usernames and passwords to users. Each user will be allowed to access only the files they are allowed to access.

A drawbacks of computer networks is that starting up or building a network can be very expensive. Also, data can easily be corrupted. Viruses are a great risk when using computer networks as they can easily spread amongst computers.

One of the top issue of Large computer networks can be performance degradation. This can be solved through buying better quality components. Also the more routers, switches and domain controllers used in the computer network, the better the performance of it would be. Everything connected to the network should be checked up to ensure that everything works and there are no problems with it. Viruses must be found immediately so they do not infect other computers in the computer network.



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