Bakari Hassan

I am a PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon conducting computational imaging research with Professor Ioannis Gkioulekas. My interests lie at the intersection of physics, computation, imaging, and aerospace. My objective is to develop new optical imaging techniques that advance remote sensing, on-orbit operations, and space hardware development.

Technical Background

Assembly, Integration & Testing

Led environmental qual & acceptance testing, integration, and VnV; conducted test failure forensics & fishbone analysis to find root cause

Computational Imaging

Explored research topics such as non-line-of-sight imaging, GPS-denied navigation, and speckle correlation imaging

Systems Engineering

Led Space Force remote sensing emulator validation, deconflicted requirements for NASA GRACE-FO, designed space mission trajectories

Space Hardware Engineering

Successfully developed & launched 15+ payload subsystems. Patented novel 1.7m aperture inflatable SmallSat antenna

Machine Learning

Developed neural network for detection of persistent cyber attacks and trained models for automatic radar target classification

Signal Processing

Developed scheduler for oversubscribed radar network, implemented unscented Kalman filter for virtual nonholonomic robot