scuff3D and scuff2D: Baoan’s release of scuff-EM

scuff-EM is a free, open-source software implementation of the Boundary Element Method for electromagnetics analysis, developed by Dr. Homer Reid.

scuff3D and scuff2D are the distributed versions of scuff-EM, developed and maintained by Baoan Liu.

scuff3D and scuff2D are fully compatible with scuff-EM. Besides, it can

  • study the electromagnetic responses of arbitrary 3D and 2D-invariant structures.

  • study the electromagnetic response of one-atomic layer 2D material (e.g. graphene)

  • simulate near-field thermal radiation heat flux based on Fluctuating-Surface-Current method.

  • simulate near-field thermal radiation field profile based on Wiener-Chaos-Expansion method.