Berkin Akin

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I am a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Carnegie Mellon University. My advisors are James Hoe and Franz Franchetti. I am currently affiliated with CALCM and SPIRAL labs.

My research interests include computer architecture, hardware design, algorithm/architecture co-design and high-performance/energy-efficient computing.

I have been working on developing algorithms and architectures for DSP transforms targeting memory bandwidth optimizations for FPGAs. (see)

I am trying to generalize my previous work by extending SPIRAL hardware and software synthesis framework to include main memory optimizations. Taking the application parameters and hardware resources as inputs, the framework automatically determines the algorithm and memory optimizations for the best performance/power efficiency. (see)

I'm also working on developing high-performance/energy-efficient systems exploiting 3D-stacked DRAM technology. (see)

I did a summer internship at Oracle, Santa Clara, CA, from May to August 2012, where I worked on the memory subsystem of the next generation SPARC processors.