About Myself

I am a undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar .I earned my high school and school degrees from the Bangladesh MHM school. My first contact with the world of Information System was through my friends and fellow brothers studying here in CMUQ. To get there I will need training and experiences. So, while in CMU I will be gathering knowledge in my field and at the same time doing internships and part time jobs that will train me up to build my desired career. I have always had interest in different technological discoveries. And that such a line of profession will keep me happy. So I got myself admitted into the information systems program and is working on achieving my desire.Information analysts must have above-average reading, writing and interpersonal skills. I am taking such English courses to improve myself. Critical thinking, decision making and troubleshooting skills are essential for the position an analyst. So I will take some basic architecture courses and and accounting courses. I am also planning to do minor in business so that I may have better opportunities after I graduate. Extensive knowledge of computers, operating systems, analytical software and databases are also provided in my the major I am doing. So I hope I will have a smooth road ahead. I am getting constant support from my family and friends. The CMUQ environment is very friendly and the professors are very helpful. And with my goal in my mind, my heart is and always will be in the work. In the years ahead I will think further about my future and work accordingly. I will surely have a better idea about the other things I can do. And I look forward to grabbing all the opportunities along the way.