I enjoy watching students learn and understand a concept, and congratulate myself if I am able to propel that process. I spent a considerable amount of time during the early years of my Ph.D. being a teaching assistant. I volunteer with educational events on a regualr basis, and I actively encourage students (especially girls) to consider taking up electronics and hardware as a hobby/profession.


Event (One Day) Organized by Semester
Intro to EE Workshop WinECE September 2016, September 2015
Mentoring at Propel School, Braddock Hills ICES/Alicia Angemeer, Deborah Lange October 2015
Moving 4th ICES/Peter Gilgunn, Shawn Kelly April 2012 - 2016 (every year)
Summer Engineering Experience for Girls Gary Fedder July 2011 - 2016 (every year)
ECE Desk at Carnegie Science Center Tom Sullivan February 2013, 2012

Teaching Experience

Course Number Course Name TA Type Professor Semester
18819 Special Topics in Applied Physics: Neural Technology Recitations & Lab Shawn K. Kelly Fall 2012
18310 Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices Recitations Jimmy Zhu, Peter Gilgunn Spring 2012
18320 Microelectronic Circuits Recitations Jeyanandh Paramesh Fall 2011
18220 Electronic Devices and Analog Circuits Lab Tom Sullivan Fall 2010
18100 Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lab Tom Sullivan Summer 2010
18290 Signals and Systems Lab Tom Sullivan Spring 2010