Electrical stimulation of biological tissue evokes functional responses in the body. Stimulation is most commonly performed by transferring charge into the tissue, in order to generate an action potential. Typically, charge is driven using current signals, with a negative pulse, followed by a positive pulse. My current research focuses on trying to develop an efficient and safe method of driving these biphasic current pulses through tissue. My research interests are in applied analog circuit design, especially in biomedical circuits and systems. Publications
  • Chi-Hua Lin, A. Krishnan , Shawn K. Kelly, Current versus timing control in active anodic feedback of biphasic stimulation , Annual Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Orlando, August 2016.
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  • On Using Residual Voltage to Estimate Electrode Model Parameters for Damage Detection , to be presented at the Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference, Atlanta, October 2015
  • Experimental Feedback Control of Residual Voltage in Electrical Stimulation , presented at the Neural Interfaces Conference, June 2014
  • Residual Voltage in Functional Electrical Stimulation , presented at the Sigma Xi Student Research Conference, November 2013

    During my research at CMU, I have had the opportunity of developing and building integrated circuits and board level designs. A more complete list can be found here.

    Masters Projects - Renewable Energy

    My master's project was related to the prediction of solar energy collection from weather forecast data using fuzzy logic. My contributions to the project was with respect to measurement and data collection, the work was advised by Dr. Mel Siegel , and Dr. Marcin Detyniecki .
    M. Detyniecki, C. Marsala, A. Krishnan, M. Siegel, Weather-based solar energy prediction , IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Brisbane, 1-7, June 2012.

    During my internship at Kilby Research Labs at Texas Instruments, I worked on setting up a LabVIEW based, automated measurement system to measure the I-V curve of solar panels, optimized for indoor applications. I developed a circuit-based model in SPICE for using the photodiode loads in simulation.