My primary interests are in analog circuit design and measurement science, because it serves as an interface between the real world and the computational world. I use every opportunity in my work to learn more about the physics of signals and try to find the most efficient way to measure and interact with them. I worked on several IC design tape-outs in 2013 - 2014. Being the first and only student in the group to work on designs, all of these designs were approached from the drawing board - deriving specifications; block and hierarchy design; ESD, bondpad and layout design and testing design. All these designs were done on the AMS 0.35um process, enabled by MOSIS.

Integrated Circuit Design

Chip Number Function Circuit Blocks/Notes Tape-Out Deadline Date
V35JAB 7-bit Binary Weighted Cascoded DAC Current Source Sooch Cascode Mirror; 7-bit Common Centroid Layout; Current Ref with Start-Up Circuit + Current Mirrors; ESD + Bondpads May 20, 2013
V38GAA 7-bit Current Source with Op-Amp 70dB 1MHz Op-Amp; Level Shifter; Sample and Hold; Shorting Switch Aug 26, 2013
V42MAA 8-bit SAR Analog-Digital Converter 8-bit Resistor Weighted DAC; Verilog synthesized SAR Logic; Comparator; Variable Gain Amplifier; Wirebonded by hand Feb 3, 2014
V4BQAB 4X 7-bit Cascoded Stimulator with Serial-Parallel Data Transfer Level Shifters; Verilog synthesized Serial-to-Parallel Shift Register Nov 10, 2014

Board Level Circuit Design

Board Design Function Blocks/Notes Year
SKK-AK-005 4X Programmable Stimulator Board Howland Current Sources; 8-bit DACs; Arduino Mega Firmware Design; (all SMD parts) Summer 2014
SKK-AK-004 8-electrode Breakout Boards Routing to Through-hole pins Summer 2014
SKK-AK-003 Programmable 8-bit Current Source (Rev) Howland Current Source; Sample and Hold; Arduino Micro Firmware Design; VGA; Bias Circuits Spring 2014
SKK-AK-002 Programmable 8-bit Current Source Howland Current Source; Sample and Hold; V-USB Interface for Atmega88P; Power Supply Summer 2013
SKK-AK-001 SIROF Electrode Mount SMD Routing to Polyimide Pads Spring 2013

Other designs include 3D Printing Designs in SolidWorks for electrode mounts and user-interface designs in Python.