I am a postdoctoral research associate currently working with Jian Ma at Carnegie Mellon University. Before this, I was working in the same position at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I graduated from the Department of Mathematics at Simon Fraser University, where I worked with Cedric Chauve.

In a different life, I graduated with a Bachelor's in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. As a result, I know that iron heated to above the eutectoid point (around 723 degrees Celcius at ~0.2% Carbon), when quenched, gives martensite, irrespective of the carbon content.

A copy of my curriculum vitæ and a shorter résumé are available. You may also look up things via my Google Scholar profile. Software I have collaborated on is available on my GitHub profile, or at the SFU palaeogenomics group website.