I am a Graduate Student at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering with an anticipated graduation date of December 2017. I am currently interning with the Storage Cloud, part of the infrastructure team at Salesforce, and am seeking full time positions in the Software Engineering starting January 2018. I seek to leverage my skills, experience gained through internships and my graduate coursework to pursue a career in the fields of Application Development, Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems.

Prior to joining ECE at CMU, I completed my undergraduate at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India, where I majored in Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE). I am also passionate about extra-curricular activities. During undergraduate, I cofounded a student organization and worked in diverse leadership roles on various occasions. I also have worked as a volunteer on multiple occasions in the fields of Child Education, Environment Conservation, and Computer Literacy.

I am available for contact any time through email(ankitj@outlook.com).

Keywords/Skills - Algorithms, Amazon Web Services, Application Development, Bash, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Django, Docker, Git, Google Cloud Platform, Hadoop, Hbase, Infrastructure engineering, Microsoft Azure, MongoDB, Multilingual programming(C, C++, Java, Python), MapReduce, MySQL, REST APIs, Technology, Web Development.


Carnegie Mellon University

Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering 3.83/4
Graduating December 2017

I am specializing in Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems and Application Development.
Coursework :
Cloud Computing - 15619
Mobile and IoT Computing - 08781
Data Structures using Java - 08722
Web Application Development - 15637
Foundations of Computer Systems - 18600
Introduction to Hardware Security - 18632
Building Reliable Distributed Systems (Fall 2017)
Introduction to Information Security (Fall 2017)
Distributed Systems (Fall 2017)

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communication 80.01/100
Graduated July 2016

I completed my Bachelor of Technology from University School of Information and Communication Technology, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi in 2016. During the course, I was consistently ranked among the top 10 students in the department.

I held the following leadership roles during the course of my study :
Founding Member, Web Design & Development Head; ConnectUSS(Official e-Newsletter)
Core Team Member, Web Head & Event Head; InfoXpression(Annual Techno Festival)
Program Coordinator, Creative Team; Anugoonj ‘15(Annual Cultural Festival)
Coordinator, PR & Social Media Team; Sports Meet 2014


Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Teaching Assistant August 2017 - Present

Worked as a Teaching Assistant for the course, Cloud Computing (15619).


Software Engineering Intern May 2017 - August 2017

Interned with Storage Cloud, part of the Infrastructure Team.
Working on a tool which allows users to verify and monitor configurations of individual nodes in a cluster using a centralized end point.
Developed the tool to allow for diagnosis of configuration changes among the individual nodes in the cluster using a REST API.
Designed the tool to automatically check for any changes in the cluster, report them to a central server and log the changes.

Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Teaching Assistant January 2017 - May 2017

Worked as a Teaching Assistant for the course, Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems.
Responsible for helping students with projects, guiding class discussions and supervising teams of students.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

Trainee June 2015 - August 2015

Performed a survey and review of the various stakeholders, entities and the equipment involved in and utilized by the Signaling and Tele-communication Department.
Compiled and summarized the mechanism of communication throughout the track circuit, the various stations and the hubs.

Tata Consultancy Services

Intern May 2015 - July 2015

Interned with the eMigrate Team at Tata Consultancy Services, India.
Upgraded and optimized the design of the website leading to creation of a better user experience and increased site performance
Implemented login functionality throughout the website resulting in increased user and data security.
Technologies Used - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Struts 2 Framework and Spring Framework.

IBM WebTek Labs

Summer Trainee June 2014 - August 2014

Underwent industrial training in Embedded Systems, Embedded C, Robotics & IBM Rational. Involved conception and development of practical real life applications using the technologies. The training was performed under the IBM Career Education Programme.


  • Java
  • C
  • Python
  • C++
  • Web Design
  • MySQL


Twitter Data Analytics

Feb 2017 – May 2017

Developed a complete web service which processes a very large Twitter tweet dataset to return specific information.
Used Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure for doing ETL on the dataset and filtering redundant and malformed data.
Used Amazon Web Services to automate load distribution and scaling through use of Elastic Load Balancers and Auto-Scaling groups.
Used Undertow and Java Servlets to create a lightweight and scalable front end server with connection pooling. Utilized HBase and MySQL to store the dataset.
Optimized the infrastructure for performance to achieve maximum Requests per Second (RPS)
Technologies - AWS, Azure, GCP, Hadoop MapReduce, HBase, Java, Java Servlets, MySQL, Undertow

User Influence Analysis using PageRank

Apr 2017

Used Apache Spark to iteratively process Twitter Social Graph. Ranked users based on their influence using PageRank's For-Loop solver method to calculate their influence.
Used GraphX to further improve the ranking by including 2nd Degree influential score.
Technologies - AWS EC2, Apache Spark, GraphX

Distributed Key-Value Store

Mar 2017

Developed a distributed storage system consisting of 3 data stores and 3 front ends to store and serve key-value pairs.
Used replication to ensure fast access times and data redundancy, and sharding to distribute load horizontally, allowing for greater number of parallel accesses.
Implemented the system using both strong and eventual consistency modes. Tested performance and system response to compare the two modes and their limitations.
Technologies - AWS EC2, AWS ELB, Hadoop MapReduce, Java, Multithreading

Analysis of Wikipedia Traffic Logs using Hadoop Map Reduce

Jan 2017 – Feb 2017

Filtered and processed the Wikipedia traffic log for November 2016 using Hadoop Streaming to analyze the access and search trends.
Utilized AWS Elastic Map-Reduce, to process the dataset and correlate most viewed articles with events that sparked their popularity.
Technologies - AWS EC2, Amazon EMR(Elastic Map Reduce), AWS S3, Hadoop Map-Reduce


Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) ECE Honor Society IEEE

Member Mar 2017 – Present


Co-Founder & Former Web Head Aug 2014 – May 2015

Lead the development of the website, collaborated with other departments and managed the overall functioning of the organization.

InfoXpression 2015

Core Team Member & Web Development Head Nov 2014 – Apr 2015

Organized the techno-cultural fest by getting sponsorships, customizing proposals, developing marketing and logistics strategy.

Anugoonj 2015

Program Coordinator, Creative Team Nov 2014 – Feb 2015

Coordinated and supervised the design and development of the Official Website & Mobile Applications.

Vikalp Law Society

Web Design & Development Head 2014 – 2015

Supervised a team in development and maintenance of the website, increasing the outreach of the initiative. Taught basic English and mathematics to children in need.

Anugoonj 2014

Coordinator, Creative Team Feb 2014

Was a member of the web design & development team and the webmaster for the website.


Test of English as a Foreign Language

109/120 Oct 2015

Graduate Record Examination

332/340 Aug 2015

Common Admission Test

99.61 Percentile Nov 2015

Ranked in top 0.4 percentile among 180,000+ applicants for the National Management Entrance Test. Secured admission offers from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and IIFT Delhi.


Eta Kappa Nu

May 2017

It is considered a distinctive honor to be recognized as a member of Eta Kappa Nu at Carnegie Mellon. Only the top one-fourth of juniors, one-third of seniors and select graduate students are offered admission to Eta Kappa Nu through Sigma Chapter

'A' Grade in Green Revolution Global Certification Program

Dec 2014