Andrew Hsu
Ph.D. Candidate
Carnegie Mellon University
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Andrew is a Ph.D. candidate in the electrical and computer engineering department at Carnegie Mellon University. He works with Professor Marija Ilic on problems in electric energy systems, such as power flow, dynamics and equilibria, and energy transfer. He is currently working on distributed calculation of power flow and equilibria in electric energy systems. He received his B.S. from Columbia University in electrical engineering in 2008, and his masters in electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010. He also has interests in drawing and animation.


Hsu, A. and Ilic, M. Distributed newton method for computing real decoupled power flow in lossy electric energy networks,North American Power Symposium (NAPS), 2012 , vol., no., pp.1-7, 9-11 Sept. 2012.
Hsu, A. and Ilic, M. Toward Distributed Contingency Screening Using Line Flow Calculators and Dynamic Line Rating Units (DLRs) ,Hawaiian International Conference of System Sciences (HICSS). Maui, Hawaii, January 2012.
Ilic, M., Cvetkovic, M., Bachovchin, K., and Hsu, A. Toward a Systems Approach to Power-Electronically Switched T&D Equipment at Value,:2011 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting. Detroit, Michigan, July 2011.
Ilic, M. and Hsu, A. General Method For Distributed Line Flow Computing With Local Communications In Meshed Electric Networks, Patent application 20130024168, January 24, 2013
Hsu, A., Ilic, M. Ensuring Feasible Power Delivery Using An Optimization-based Power Flow Model, Techcon 2013, Austin, Tx. Sept 2013

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