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Course Plan

Weekly Research

Prof. Gianni's talk:

- Can you give both an operational and a philosophical definition of AI?

operational definition is a type of intelligent system designed for real-world applications, particularly at commercial scale.

the philosophical position that human minds are, in essence, computer programs.


- Can you name at least three different techniques or sub-fields of AI?

Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation.


- AI has been around since about 70 years so far. Why is it booming right now?

Artificial intelligence is developing faster than we think, and speeding up exponentially. Robots are definitely going to take our job.


- Can you name at least three application sectors where robots are being largely employed? What are the reasons? 

Drivers, Astronauts, Soldiers, Surgeons.


- Can you identify three potential challenges for a wheeled autonomous robot that would perform a 24h surveillance task in a large facility?

Running out of charge, Kicking the wrong people and allowing the wrong people to enter, the robot might not be able to go upstairs.

Notable Achievements 
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