About Me

I am a Photographer that takes photos of things that I like a-nd love, And I also did some Photoshoots, I am also a freshm-an student at Carnegie Mellon University. I studied high sch-ool at Omar Bin Alkhattab secondary school for boys. I got i-nterested in enrolling at Carnegie Mellon University after I saw my sister studying here, I visited her at CMU to see how it was and I really liked it, especially infor-mation systems m-ajor, even though she was business administration. I liked the technology part since I was a child and my dream was to study about it when I get older. But since I enrolling at CMU of IS I got to know that information systems is more than just technology. I have always been an ambitious little kid, so keen that I would cause trouble out of my curiosity I would always just break stuff apart to find out what's inside, and that mainly is what got me to major in information systems, my curiosity to know how the systems work and how to find the information needed to make it work. And I am happy with my decision to enroll at Carnegie Mellon university for I am happy with the professors I am studying with and the nice community.

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