Completed Thread Library Implementation for Operating System Design and Implementation Course.
Done writing console, Keyboard, timer drivers. Implemented Text-Twist, a game using these drivers.


About Me

  I am Alok Shankar, a graduate student at the Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. 
  My major is Information Networking. I am intersted in Computer Systems and Networks. I began my 
  graduate study in Fall 2010, and expect to graduate in May 2012. I received my Bachelor of Technology
  degree from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) in 2007.

  Before CMU, I was a Software Engineer at Cisco Systems India (Private) Limited, where i worked for approx.
  3 years. I have worked on development of networking protocols for Cisco's Next Generation 7600 routers. 
  I am a Cisco Certified Networking Assosciate (CCNA).
  I belong to Motihari, a small town in Bihar, India. I currently live in the beautiful Pittsburgh. I enjoy reading 
  and composing Hindi Poetry, and you can find some of my literature at my blog.