Anthony J. Lattanze

Associate Teaching Professor, Masters of Software Engineering Program

Institute for Software Research, Carnegie Mellon University


Software Studio


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The Masters of Software Engineering (MSE) Program is a professional program for early-to-mid-career engineers seeking to acquire advanced software engineering skills as well as increase the breadth and depth of their knowledge of the software engineering discipline.The cornerstone of the MSE program is Software Studio.Software Studio consumes 40% of the time students spend in the MSE program and serves as a laboratory where students can apply academic lessons in a realistic, but mentored, environment.Each studio team is comprised of 4 to 6 students. Each project team is assigned a real project from industry. Students are required to manage the programmatic aspects of the project (requirements, planning, schedule, tracking, etc.) as well as meet the technical requirements.

My role in the MSE programís Software Studio is to mentor studio teams and act as one of the lead mentors for the program. As a team mentor, my role is to bring my industrial experience and knowledge of the program core material to guide students in their application of academic lessons to a real-world project. An important part of this experience is guide students to reflect upon their choice of methods and techniques and how appropriate and effective their application of them was. As a lead mentor, I help coordinate and select studio projects and train new mentors.

To see some the current and past studio projects and the artifacts our students have created, please visit the MSE Studio Project server.