Anthony J. Lattanze

Associate Teaching Professor, Masters of Software Engineering Program

Institute for Software Research, Carnegie Mellon University


Consultation and Industry Collaboration


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I frequently interact with clients from across industry as an architecture design consultant helping organizations with software architecture design, development, documentation evaluation, and training needs. Some selected examples of these engagements include:


2000 United States Air Force: Evaluation of theater ballistic missile simulation system architecture

2001 Robert Bosch GmbH: Evaluation of gasoline motor control system architecture, Software architecture evaluation training, and design consultation

2002 NASA: Evaluation of space shuttle and space station ground control systems architecture

2002 through 2004 Carnegie Bosch Institute: Executive training in software architecture

2002 Robert Bosch GmbH: Design and evaluation of diesel/gasoline motor control product line architecture, Software architecture design workshop and training

2002 Raytheon: Software architecture training

2002 United States Army: Design and evaluation of the common helicopter avionics system architecture (CAAS), Evaluation of battle field communications system architecture

2003 United States Air Force: Evaluation of global missile simulation system architecture

2003 United Navy: Evaluation of ship board fire control system architecture, Evaluation of command and control system architecture, Software architecture training and design consultation.

2004 United States Army: Establishment of a software architect training program

2004 Hyundai Motor Company: Software architecture training

2005 Booze, Allen, Hamilton: Software architecture design and evaluation training

2005 Boeing: Software architecture training program

2006 Siemens: Software architecture training

2006 Korean Software Institute: Software architecture training

2006 Sony Japan: Software architecture training and executive workshop on software architecture design

2006 LG Korea: Software architecture training program and executive workshop on software architecture design