I was actively involved in the activities of the Indian Graduate Student Association (IGSA) on campus. I held the positions of Treasurer, Vice-President and the President of the organization. I am currently serving in the advisory board.

Acting / Drama

I am a member of the IGSA Drama Club. Here are some video links to our performances:

Video editing

I am interested in video editing. Some of my not-so-amateur videos happen to be made for IGSA. Links to the videos are given below:


I enjoy outdoor activities. Particularly, I love skiing! Unfortunately, it is an expensive hobby and as a graduate student, I cannot afford it more than once or twice a year. I make up for it with ice-skating, although it is not even close. Whitewater rafting is another one of my favorites. Apart from hiking, other activities include underground caving, ziplining, indoor rock climbing and so on. Here's an album with some selected photos.

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I enjoy music and I play the piano for my own pleasure occasionally. Here is a video where I performed along with my violist friends.