I am an Information System student at Carnegie Mellon Uiversity in Qatar .For me, there are several reasons why I am where I am right now. Family support is the most important reason for my achievements. Without their support and encouragement I wouldn't be here right now. I am also a committed, hardworking individual. When I set my mind on a goal I never give up until I reach it. I have several priorities in life. As I mentioned before, my family comes first, then my second priority is knowledge and education. Last but not least is achieving my dreams through those priorities All I knew was that I wanted to learn more and have more knowledge, because I really love learning new things in life every day and experiencing new stuff. When I was in high school I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted to do with my life after I finish my education. I graduated from school with an honor award as one of the top 10 highest average in the scientific field.

After I finished school, I applied to Weil Cornell Medical College (WCMC). I worked so hard on my application and took the IELTS and ACT several times. Even though I failed the tests several times, I didn't give up and kept trying. After all this hard work I didn't get accepted in WCMC. At first I was devastated, because I didn't have any other choice beside this college. But then I got back up and applied to The Academic Bridge Program to help me develop myself academically and personally. Through my year in the program, I experienced a lot of new things and learned more about college and new majors that I haven't heard of before. I decided to apply to WCMC again and also apply to other universities, including CMU, as a backup plan. With a lot of help and support from my teachers and advisors I got accepted in both WCMC and CMU. And that was my first big achievement. I've proved to myself that it's okay to fail and make mistakes as long as I learn from them and get back up to try again, because nothings impossible in life.

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My Hobbies

Skateboarding I only skate on winter and soring due to the weather condition in Qatar
Cooking I like to cook my own meals and I like eating healthy
Video Games Playing Video Games strengthen my mind focusing and strategic planning.
Reading I like reading books because it helps me improve my english