Andrey Genze

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (2025)

Time Management Lecture (Randy Pausch)

  1. He was a computer science professor in the main campus of CMU
  2. Known in wide circles for "Time Management" and "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" lectures
  3. 5 things that I liked:

1) I liked the idea to equate time to money via simple calculating my own hourly value, since many people (including myself) have an understanding of money value but not of time value. This is a simple yet useful advice.

2) Doing right things adequately is much better than doing wrong things beautifully

3) 80/20% principle

4) Failing to plan - planning to fail

5) I really liked the quote: "When I want to get off the phone, I just say I have some students waiting. I'm a professor -- somewhere, there must be students waiting"


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