Research questions for prof. Kemal's lecture:

Name 3 applications on Natural Language Processing:

. Chat bots
. Voice Assistants
. Email filters


Select three words in your language and for each word try to separate into its internal component.

Abdelrahman --> Abd-ul-rahman
Jameaa (university) --> Ja-me-a'a
Madrasa (school) --> Md-ra-sa

Sentence translations:

. Mabna aljameaa yatakawwn men thalath tawabek. The university building has three floors.
. Ekhtart derasat aolom alhaseb, lananny ajedoh majal shaeq. I chose computer science because I find it interesting.
. Ketabat allogha alarabia belhorof alenglezea saba. Writing arabic in English letters is difficult.

How many interpretations are there for the following English sentence "Time flies like an arrow"?

Time passes by quickly
Time flies the was an arrow flies
Flies that are of the type "time" like an arrow