Research questions for prof. Giselle's lecture:

Why did we move from punch cards to programming languages?

Magnetic disk storage became cheaper, and interactive terminals became affordable. This tells us that prgramming languages are there to make code writing more efficient and maintainable.


There are hundreds of different programming languages out there. Why do you think we need so many?

Different programming languages are better suited for different purposes.

What are some drawbacks of a programming language you use? How would you like it to be different? Think of specific examples.

Python is known for being slower than other languages like 'c' because it is an interpreted language. For that reason python is, for instance, not well-suited for competative programming.

If you were going to create a new programming language, how would you start? What do you need to define?

New higher level languages seem to build on top of a lower level language. So, to build a new language, we might need to determine what language we will use to build on top of. To determine that, the purpose of that new language should be defined.