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Randy Paush Time Management Summary:

Randy Paush was an American professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon. He sadly passed out on July 25, 2008 due to pancreatic cancer. At the time of the talk he was told that he only had a few months of good health left in him, so he thought that it is important to give a talk on time management as he doesn't have much time left.
The main focus of the talk was about providing life lessons and not just time management tips. To be good at time management, you need to be doing something that you find fun as life is too short to waste on things that don't amuse you or make you happy. Professor Paush discussed a lot of things regarding time management, but a few things resonated with me. I really benefited from his tip regarding choosing what you need to do now: If you have a lot of things to do then start with the ugliest one. I'm guilty of choosing to do things that I like doing and leaving boring tasks for later, so hopefully I will change that mentality throughout the semester. He also mentions the four quadrant to-do list, which I thought to be very useful and I have already implemented it into my planning strategies. Prof Paush also goes into small details that help you save time, for example: Make sure that there is only one thing on your desk, and have a system to manage all your papers so you don't waste time looking for them later. All these tips were useful, but his talk on how to make time made me think really hard about where my time goes. Where does all my time go? How can I prevent interruptions? I think that my favorite thing that he said was "To find time, you need to make time", this just showed me that it's not that I don't have time for everything, but more of the fact that I waste a lot of time on useless things.
Overall, this was a great talk that helped me very much. It was very saddening to hear what happened to him and I really hope that his wife and kids are doing great!

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