Mark Adamson
All the ancient kings came to my door
They said, "Do you want to be an ancient king too?"
I said, "Oh yes, very much
But I think my timing's wrong"
They said, "Time is relative
Or did you misread Einstien?"
I said, "Do you really mean it?"
They said, "What do you think we come here for
Our goddamn health or something?"
  -Dan Bern


Currently working for Academic Computing Services at CMU, in Cyert Hall 239. There is another web page of mine on nil.andrew.cmu.edu, the machine on my desk, and on nada.wv.cc.cmu.edu, my machine at home.

Also a former student, graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Class of 1992.

Previously was working in downtown Pittsburgh for Transarc Corporation (now a lab of IBM ) as a developer for AFS, but I got out when IBM started to really take over the company's everyday life.

Also helped start rdi consulting inc in 1992, a company which provides internet training. They also are a major share holder in National Business Network, which is an internet service provider headquartered in Monroeville, providing service throughout much of western Pennsylvania.

I while my time away doing woodworking, and watching movies in my home theater (but mostly just complaining about how bad movies have gotten lately).

A few snapshots from trips I've taken.


I bought the house over there across the street in 1998.

The usual suspects with whom I hang out